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3rd Quarter 2005-2006
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Course Syllabus
Dreamweaver Techniques
1st Quarter Assignments


Assignment Name Points Due Date
#1 Fireworks Animation 20 Mon Apr 24
#2 Artifact Page Design Document 5 Wed Apr 26
#3 Artifact Page Paper Layout 5 Fri Apr 28
#4 Artifact Page 60 Fri May 5
#5 Journal 1/2 pt. per day Every Friday
#6 Clickable Images 20 Thu May 4
#7 Small Business Website Design Worksheet See #8 rubric Thu May 11
#8 Small Business Website 80 Tue May 23
#9 Style Sheets 20 Thu May 25
#10 Final Project Subject 5 Tue May 30
#11 Final Project Design 5 Wed May 31
#12 Final Project Paper Layout 5 Thu June 1
#13 Final Project Rough Draft
No credit for late work
15 Fri June 9
#14 Final Project Peer Review 5 Mon. June 12
#15 Final Project 100 Fri June 16

Daily Agenda

Monday, June 12
Final Project Peer Review

Today you'll spend about half the class time reviewing one of your classmates' final product websites. I'll introduce the assignment and hand out a review form.

In your readable folder you'll find the grade for your rough draft in a file named Final Project Grade. You get up to 15 points for the rough draft. You'll also find a preliminary grade for your final project.

This week you'll be fixing the problems that I noted and make changes that come from the peer review you're doing today.

Monday, June 5
Final Project and TechPrep College Credit

Today we'll have a guest speaker to talk about how to get college credit for this web design class. She'll take about twenty minutes of class time.

Your final project rough draft is due on Friday (I'm giving an extra day). This weekend I'll write comments to you on what you have in the outbox and give up to fifteen points (five for each page).

Tuesday, May 30
Final Project Site

I've added assignments #11 and #12. These will help you get started on your final project.

Last Friday many students filled out the Final Project Subject (assignment #10) wrong because they didn't write down their project subject and description. Go back to your Final Project Subject worksheet and make sure you answered every question.

Follow these instructions to create a Dreamweaver site for your final project.

Make sure to fill out your journal every day.

Friday, May 26
Start the Final Project

Today you'll start working on your final project.

The first step is to tell me what your subject is and do a little research on similar web sites. Fill out this worksheet.

Once you fill out the worksheet I'll let you know if your idea is approved, if your proposal needs more work, or if you need to choose a different subject.

Next week you'll fill out another worksheet where you'll describe your project in more detail.

Thursday, May 25
Cascading Style Sheets

Today we have a short assignment in which you'll learn to use style sheets. I'll be going over this with you in class, but the assignment is here

Monday, May 22
Small Business Websites

Your small business websites are due tomorrow.

All of the websites are shown on this page. Take a look at what everyone else is doing!

Wednesday, May 10
Small Business Website Design

Today you'll set up a Dreamweaver site for the small business assignment and your team will start designing your website by doing assignment #7.

First I'll walk you through creating the Dreamweaver site. As usual, the local folder for your site is in your My Documents folder. The remote folder for your team's Dreamweaver site is in the outbox, inside dllevine, then inside the Teams folder, then inside your class period folder, then inside your team folder:

Team Folders

Next your team will decide what your small business is and your team will fill out the design worksheet (assignment #7). I only want one worksheet from each team.

Tuesday, May 9
Project Teams

Today we divide up into teams for the next project: The Small Business Website.

Your team will invent a small business (like a restaurant or a store) and make a website for it. Each person will do one page.

Today's activities:

  1. Sit with your team
  2. Look at last semester's small business websites
  3. Come up with one small business idea for each person. I'll give you instructions during class. Tomorrow you'll decide which idea to use.

Thursday, May 4
Clickable Images

Take a break from your Artifact project and do this fun assignment on clickable images.

Then write an entry in your journal and continue working on your artifact project.

Tuesday, May 2
Continue working on the Artifact Page

You have a substitute today.

You should:

  1. Fill out an entry in your journal
  2. Make sure that your Artifact Page Design Document is turned in
  3. Make sure you've completed your Paper Layout
  4. Work on your Artifact Page

I'll have my digital camera tomorrow so bring your artifact in!

Please help each other if you have questions.

Monday, May 1
Continue the Artifact Page
Introduce Table Layout mode

Remember to start the class period with an entry in your journal (Assignment #4).

You'll spend most of the class period working on your Artifact page.

I'll be talking a bit about the upcoming small business web site assignment and I will introduce Dreamweaver's table layout mode.

Wednesday, April 26
Start Your Artifact Page

You should be working on assignment #2, the paper layout for your artifact page.

This quarter you'll be doing mostly projects. Without daily assignments it's easy to waste time. To keep you on track, today you'll also start keeping a journal of what you do each day.

Write in your journal each day. It should take 1-2 minutes. Your journal entry will be your plan that class period.

You'll find the journal in your readable folder, named ProjectJournal. Keep the journal file in your readable folder. Just keep adding journal entries.

Tuesday, April 25
More Animated GIFs
Artifact Design Document

We're doing two things today:

The next assignment is #3, a paper layout for your artifact page.

Monday, April 24
A New Quarter Begins!

Notice that there's a link to the first quarter on the top right of this page.

As we start the new quarter, I want you to reflect on last quarter.

First I'll hand out an evaluation form for you to fill out. You can leave your name blank. This should take about ten minutes.

Next we'll have a five-ten minute discussion about:

Finally I'll work with you to turn in any last minute assignments from the first quarter.