How to Turn An Assignment Into My Outbox

Create a shortcut to the Outbox

The first time you turn in an assignment you will need a shortcut to my outbox. Do steps 1 - 6 below:

1) Go to your desktop and double-click on My Documents

2) Click on the File menu, choose New, and click on Shortcut

3) Enter \\sclefp01\outbox

Notice the slashes are backslashes, located above the Enter key.

4) Click Next

5) Enter Outbox

6) Click Finish

To turn in an assignment:

Do not save the assignment to the outbox using Microsoft Word. Always save your assignment to your My Documents folder and copy it to the outbox. If you directly to the outbox from inside Word you may lose your work.

To send me the assignment

1) Bring up a window for your My Documents folder

2) Right click on your assignment and choose Copy

3) Double-click on the outbox shortcut

   This will take you to the top of the outbox.

4) Double-click on dllevine

5) Double-click on writeable

6) Double-click on your class period

7) Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste

This will put your assignment in your classes’ outbox folder.